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【Key Account Marketing】 China CITIC Bank•信自然

【Key Account Marketing】

Client: China CITIC Bank

Client Briefing:one of China’s commercial banks and the 7th biggest bank in the Chinese mainland

Project:“中信银行•信自然” Core-Strategic-Client Hiking Activity

Key points:Based on the bank clients’ requirement and characteristics, we designed the various activities based on what the bank has been advocating, that is, “innovation” and “environment protection” to give its clients an opportunity to blend into the nature. It has set an important precedent for circle outdoor socializing.

It has set an important precedent for circle outdoor socializing.

First stop: Beijing Hanshiqiao wetland natural reserve area

 This activity was consisted of three parts, welcome dinner, launching ceremony and outdoor hiking. In order to better blend into the nature, we took storm lanterns instead of bonfire as the lighting for the welcome dinner, children singers sang the song“虫儿飞”, echoing with the many fireflies around, an artist performed nature-related magic to add a sense of mystery to the activity and all the food were prepared with wild or chemical-free vegetables and meat. In the next early morning, we arranged two activities to “wake up their soul”, one was bird watching, and the other was yoga practice. With the sun up in the east and the sound of a big horn, the launching ceremony began and three African drum artists gave a splendid drum show. In order to meet the requirements of all participants, we planned two routes for this hiking activity, one was the conventional route and the other was route that was less frequented in order to add more fun to the hiking activity.

Second stop: Beijing Lingshan

 Lingshan is the highest mountain in Beijing and along the hiking route, which stretched 16km, participants passed by the beautiful valley that is famous for its thick fallen leaves, towers of the Great Wall, the message wall that witnesses the outdoor activities development, the famous and marvelous Huangcaoliang and finally got to the destination, Daboyu. While dealing with various difficulties in order to make to the destination, they, most importantly, also met with many people and made friends.

 Based on nature and through outdoor activities, we have built a new way of communication between China CITIC Bank and its key Group accounts. Through our first-class services and efficient marketing team, we have helped our client, China CITIC Bank increase its client loyalty and win widely compliment. We have also won widespread recognition and appraisal and helped push the marketing industry to a new high.

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